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Our selective crawls are running as usual. We are considering launching a couple of new selective crawls on “Gastronomy” (which is an important topic in Spain) and “Folklore and popular traditions”.

We have a big gap on collections about important fields like Language and Literature, History, Social Science, Biology and Medicine or Science and Technology, as we don’t have special departments in charge of this kind of collections. We have signed an agreement with the University Libraries Network in Spain (REBIUN) for them to cooperate with us on selecting and managing web collections on these fields. In the meantime, we are creating a basis with a small bunch of seeds per subject.

We are still working on a new search interface that can provide access by collection and subject.

We are also considering the possibility of opening the access on internet to our web archive excluding the previous year, following the example of the Portuguese Web Archive. We have to consult our legal staff yet to be sure that we prevent claims or complaints from the web content providers.

Our IT team has installed the version 5.4.2 in the pre-production environment. The problem of jobs duplication that we experienced in the previous version is solved.



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