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Status of the production sites



Broad crawl: first step of our third broad crawl for 2018 started on August 25 and is still ongoing.

Selctive crawl: September 5 is the official commemoration day for Danish soldiers, who had been deployed in war or conflict zones. Together with partners from the Danish National Archives we are running an event crawl on this commemoration. We used BCWeb for the nomination of the url’s. Everything went fine – Steven has hardcoded the needed schedules, as we have no schedules with integrated hops with Heritrix 5. But after the fourth crawl all crawls failed without any changes. We made test crawls with the BCWeb schedules – they work fine. We still have not solved the problem. So we created a “replacement” event harvest definition without using BCWeb.

Open wayback: We are now able to display pages using https, but far from all https-pages. For instance we are not able to display social media pages.

Blacklight (fulltext search): the facets to refine a search do not work.

SOLRWayback: we made some tests in our production environment. The results are promising: we are able to display pages form Twitter and Facebook crawls after they started using https. Now the most important is to resolve problems with the proxy browser setup.