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Do a  which python  and make sure that the  python  there points at a python 3  and if it does not, make sure that it does. (big grin)(big grin)

Then, to install Umbra, do the following.


RabbitMQ should now be reachable at http://localhost:15672 (user: guest, pass: guest).


Make sure Google Chromium is installed. (If not, do a  sudo apt-get install chromium-browser)

Then run Umbra as follows:

If you want to see what Umbra does in the Chromium browser, just do a  umbra -v&

If you want Umbra to do its stuff without seeing the browser, do

sudo X :1    (and then press <ctrl> <alt> <F7>)

and in a(nother) shell, do    export DISPLAY=:1; umbra -v&

Now, do

Code Block
cd heritrix-3.3.0-BDB-5.0.x-NAS-1.0-SNAPSHOT/jobs/
mkdir myTestJob
cd myTestJob

Get a the following Heritrix 3 Crawl Job Configuration File (like this one:

View file
), and

put it in  heritrix-umbra/heritrix-3.3.0-BDB-5.0.x-NAS-1.0-SNAPSHOT/jobs/myTestJob/

and rename it to  crawler-beans.cxml

At the top of the file, just above the first  bean  tag (not beans), insert:

Code Block
<bean class=""/>

<bean id="umbraBean" class="org.archive.modules.AMQPPublishProcessor">
  <property name="clientId" value="requests"/>

Also, in the same file, find

  <bean id="fetchProcessors"

and within that bean, just under

  <ref bean="extractorSwf"/>

add the line:

  <ref bean="umbraBean"/>

Then, still under the  myTestJob  dir, create a text file called  seeds.txt  with a single line saying:  http

Now, in a browser, go to  https://localhost:8443/  and paste the path to the  myTestJob  dir into the field under add existing job, and click the add button. "myTestJob" should appear at the bottom of the window, so click it.

On the page that appears, click the build button, and when it has built, click the launch button and reload the page until it says "Job is Finished: FINISHED".

Now the Umbra harvests will likely be running... but where do they actually dump the resulting files???

NOTE: Heritrix can be killed by doing a