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  • We finalized the compression of the archive. The size is now 477 TB, before we started the compression process, the size was 793 TB (2017-09-17)
  • We upgraded our test environment to NAS 5.4. (Actually we have today upgraded in Production as well. We will patch in production when the fix to NAS-2751 is available.)
  • We are just now upgrading the Blacklight search frontend to the newest version, hwich is supporting the new SOLR index.
  • We just started a campaign for the collection of Danish podcasts and ditto Youtubers. The big challenge is to identify them. We sent an email to all our colleagues in our institution and asked them to help us. Does any of you have experiences with identifying podcasts and Youtubers?
  • The collective negotiations on pay for public employees did come to a result. Our event crawl will finish, when all union members have given their votes for the agreement.
  • The new full-time functional lead (Strategic Coordinator) for Netarchive Anders Klindt Myrvoll will start at KB in Copenhagen on 28th May – he will join us at forthcoming meetings