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5.4 Release Date:

Highlights in 5.4

  • NetarchiveSuite now ships with a customised version of Heritrix 3, forked from the version maintained by Kristinn Sigurdsson.
  • The integration between the NetarchiveSuite Web interface and Heritrix 3 has been much improved, both in regard to scaling and usability.
  • There is significant improvement to the job generation algorithm, so that the production of spurious duplicate jobs is now largely eliminated.
  • Support for Heritrix1 has now been removed from the distribution
  • You can now define a limit to how many jobs are submitted to each jobchannel simultaneously, if you enable limitSubmittedJobsInQueue by setting settings.harvester.scheduler.limitSubmittedJobsInQueue. The default value if you enable this is one job at a time. You can change this value by overriding the settings.harvester.scheduler.submittedJobsInQueueLimit. The latter setting is ignored, if limitSubmittedJobsInQueue is false, which is the default setting
  • The setting settings.harvester.scheduler.jobgenerationperiode renamed as settings.harvester.scheduler.jobgenerationperiod (default value is still 60 a.k.a 1 minute)
  • Added new setting to choose between filteringmethods on History/Harveststatus-running.jsp: settings.webinterface.runningjobsFilteringMethod (default: database alternative: cachedLogs)

Upgrading from previous releases of Netarchivesuite

  •  Upgrading the database: After finishing the installation of NetarchiveSuite and starting it for the first time, please go the server where GUIApplication and HarvestJobManager is installed and run:

    Code Block
    cd NAS_INSTALLDIR/conf

    Please examine the INSTALLDIR/update_external_harvest_database.log for any errors.


Most-recent updates for 5.4:

Issues resolved in release 5.4

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