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We are currently selecting seeds for local elections taking place end of January.



After several tests, we finally installed NAS 5 in a production environment. We encountered some problems with the templates that our IT team managed to solve adapting and sort-of merging the default NAS templates and the BnF templates.

We launched the .gal domain crawl on behalf of the Library of Galicia. It is the first time we launch a domain crawl on demand of a regional library. The list of .gal domains is about 5.200. Approximately 25% of them are empty, with no content, as they are presumably just reserved domains. The .gal top level domain is quite recent, what might explain this percentage of empty pages.

We have around 10% of errors, many of them due to forbidden access, what should be solved by the Galician web curators getting in touch with the websites holders.

We are about to finish the Elections in Cataluña event crawl. The president is expected to be voted by the Catalan parliament by the end of this month.

The rest is business as usual (thematic, regional and event crawls).



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