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  • Our Domain Crawl for this year just finshed a few days ago (With Nas 5.3 and all the expected problems - a lot of times we had to terminate jobs by calling the kill script, a couple of times we had to stop NAS and had to clear the message queue, due to too many messages, which caused inactivity of NAS)
  • Now we are doing some postprocessing work (indexing, reporting)
  • Next step is a redeployment of 5.3.1 to reproduce our problems we had in summer and to save the log files for further discussion. If that fails again we go back to 5.3. which works for selective crawls only without a problem
  • We have just finished our domain crawl. We started it in August with a 10 MB limit and archived approx. 5 TB of data. We will not do a 2nd stage due to our storage budget. We will analyse the outcome, because the behaviour and storage consumption has changed with H3. (In 2015 we used 0,5 TB for stage 1 with 10 MB.)
  • Our domain crawl interval will change to annual crawls. Unfortunately, we will not get more storage. It will change from 2 TB/10 TB to an annual budget of 6 TB.
  • Parliamentary elections took place mid-October and our crawl continues until a have a new government.
  • In November we start another crawl of our women/gender collection.



Next meetings

  • December 5th
  • January 9th, 2018