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There have been several changes in the team over the summer. Pascal Tanésie has arrived as assistant head of the digital legal deposit team, and Vladimir Tybin has joined the team as digital curator. Sophie Derrot has left the BnF to take up a post at the Institut national d'histoire de l'art.

Our second test broad crawl, with the complete seed list, is nearly finished. The amount of data crawled in this test has proved to be higher than our budget estimates, mainly because there is no deduplication for this first broad crawl with H3. We will analyze the figures in detail and adapt the budget accordingly.

We are also using our new infrastructure for the tests: the crawlers are more powerful and faster but they use more bandwith. We will therefore need to reduce the number of crawlers from 40 to 35. We had set the duration of each job to 3 days but this has proved to be too much, for the real crawl it will be betwen 2 and 2.5 days.

This week we aim to transfer all our crawls onto the new infrastructure and the next week the real broad crawl will start.





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