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  • We ended up with 22 representative Danish Facebook profiles, which we started harvesting with Archive-IT
  • We started a broad crawl with running step 1 (10MB/domain), but we have some problems: e.g. “Running jobs are not up to date”, submitted jobs are pending, H3 remote access doesn’t work, Jobs are done, but marked as failed. Crawls for “Ministries and administrative bodies’ sites” and “Ultra big sites” , selective crawls of sites, which formerly had been part of the broad crawls, are done without trouble..
  • We continue with testing BCWeb
  • An administration issue has to be solved: We have to journalise our external correspondence (with users, website owners, etc). This issue is in process




  •  Finished crawling of - this is the mediasite which was closed at the end of last month
  • We will have a look on Openwayback 2.3.2




Next meetings

  • June 6th
  • July 4th
  • August 8th