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  • BNF: Lam, Géraldine, Sara
  • ONB: Michaela, Andreas
  • KB/DK: Stephen, Tue
  • SB: Sabine, Colin
  • BNE: Mar-
  • KB/Sweden: Bengt, Stewart-

Upcoming NAS 5.3 Release

Status of developments.



We still keep NAS 5.2.2 in our test environment because of an unsolved blocking bug. Meanwhile a bug, which had prevented NAS 5.2 from creating Heritrix jobs. Jobs did not start, selctive crawls were deactivated by the system or the jobs just hung without getting in touch with H3. The bug is solved but meanwhile we had started the fourth broad crawl for 2016 (it ran from Nov. 28 to Dec. 27 2016), so we wait with implementing NAS 5.2.2 in our production system until the beginning of 2017.

We are updating our access procedure and our citrix solution. Because of the rather restrictive Danish data protection law we have complicated user group administration and we have problems with one of the groups

We still work on the compression of the archive. There is a bug in JWA S, the compression software, when it is solved we will reschedule the compression project.



We are still working on our move to NAS 5 and H3 (see above).

Our annual broad crawl was completed on December 5th, after 8 weeks. We gathered 90,4TB of data (compressed), which makes this crawl the biggest ever realised at the BnF. The infrastructure was stable and we didn't encounter any technical problems. We will be analysing the data more precisely on two subjects: regional domains and ebooks.

Annick Le Follic has now left the web archiving team to work in BnF Metadata department. Lam will also soon leave our team to work on other development projects. And we will welcome Thomas Fressin F. as a new developer.


In the meantime we have a president, so we keep running our presidental elections crawl until our president will start to work. That will be at the end of january.

We created a new collection  “women/gender” in cooperation with ONB’s women/gender-documentation department. The crawl was done in December.

Our next broad crawl will take place in 2017, we still run broad crawls every two years. We will work on a new concept for the webarchive regarding harvesting intervals etc.


In Production we had to switch to NAS 5.2.2 due to a bug in the DeduplicateToCDXAdapter (
). Because we are using also some NAS Libraries in the backend, we generated a lot of corrupt cdx data in the last monts. But we could fix that now and with the new Version the cdx generator works fine again