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  • On November, 7th, we celebrated a working meeting at the National Library with web curators from the Library and from the regional libraries to update our collaborative work on non-print legal deposit and web archiving. Regional web curators and more and more involved and committed with the web archiving Project.
  • All of them are using intensively the Spanish version of BCWeb (what we renamed CWeb), but in a preproduction environment to avoid eventual dangers. And then we export to production CWeb those seeds they want to run and be crawled. So many of our regional libraries are building now there own web collections. I include two screenshots of our CWeb.

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  • Our General Elections crawl lasted 11 months, because we had two elections one in december 2015 and the second one in June 2016. Once we had a new Government and Prime Minister the crawl was closed.
  • The event collection on the Elections in Galicia was closed also recently and was fully managed by regional web curators from Galicia.
  • Regarding thematic crawls, we have been requesting collaboration from the main research institution in Spain (the Council of Scientific Research) and the University Libraries Network. Both of them showed much interest in participating, but as they both tie together many libraries, we are waiting for their answers to materialise the collaboration in specific measures. We hope to widen soon our web curators working group.
  • The National Library of Colombia asked us for support, because they want to build a web archiving Project, starting with a collection on the Peace Process in their country. We have had two long meetings via Skype and they want to try NAS. I'll invite them to register in the user mailing list, and keep you informed about their progress.



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