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  • The first .es domain crawl, run with NAS at the Library finished on July 6th. It started on April 4th, so it took 3 months. From a list of 1.800.000 registered domains, only around 800.000 are active. The result is around 20 Tb and 460.000.000 objects. We fixed a limit of 100 Mb per seed and around 87% of the domains have been crawled entirely.


  • The General Elections took place for a second time in June as the Parliament coming from the December 2015 elections didn’t manage to designate a Prime Minister. So our General Elections event  crawl launched by the beginning of December 2015 hasn’t finished yet. So far, we have collected around 10,5 Tb. The regional web curators that collaborate in the project have been nominating seeds for this event crawl.


  • The regional web curators are testing BCWeb on a preproduction environment and they are starting to manage their own web collections using this application. So the production environment of BCWeb is only managed by the National Library team so far. We hope they get the training and knowledge enough to start using the production environment by next autumn. In the meantime National Library web archiving team is launching some regional web collections of limited scope.


  • A couple of weeks ago we welcomed two fellows at the team. They will be working with us for one year. Miriam is an information and documentation specialist and Elena is engineer.