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Practical information


  • In approx. 4 weeks presidential elections take place in Austria. We will prepare an event crawl about the topic.
  • The work on our online user interface continues and will be finished soon.


  •  We are about to launch our first domain crawl with NAS, starting around next Monday 4th April.
  • Web curators of most regional libraries have accessed the BCWeb pilot environment we offered them to test and build their own web collections centered on topics of regional and local interest, as part of the Legal deposit of online publications. It is not connected to NAS yet. We are very thankful for this to the BnF web archiving team.
  • Our IT people is working on the NAS development environment (so far we only had one, used as development and production at the same time), which is about to be ready to give access to our regional web curators.
  • As we don’t have a new government yet (after the December 2015 General Elections, and they probably will be repeated by June), our General Elections selective crawl is not closed yet (ca. 3,5 Tb).

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