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The audit trails service purpose is to collect, store, and secure audit trails, along providing access to them.

Audit trails are the log of what have transpired in a collection on a per file basis. The audit trails service is responsible for collecting audit trails from the various contributors, and storing them so they can be accessed and viewed.

To fulfill the responsibilities the service have the following functionality:

  • Audit trail collection workflows, for incrementally collecting audit trails from the various contributors. The workflow can be triggered manually, or automatically based on a schedule.
  • Displaying the collected audit trails, including filtering functionality for narrowing the view.
  • Preservation workflow for securing the collected audit trails in a Bitrepository collection.

Audit trail contributors

The currently existing audit trail contributors are the following:

  • Pillars
  • Integrity service

Audit trail preservation

The preservation of audit trails are performed with regular intervals, and in an incremental fashion.

When the preservation workflow runs, what have not been preserved is extracted from the database and placed in a file. The file is then compressed, and using the putfile functionality it is secured in a configured collection.


JIRA Issues
titleOutstanding Audit trail issues