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  • Installation guide for a ChecksumPillar

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This is a installation guide for version 1.4 6 of the ReferenceChecksumPillar using a PostgreSQL database and certificates. Installation being performed on Linux.



Download the software for the ChecksumPillar:
> wget

Unpack the package:
> tar xvf bitrepository-reference-pillar-1.46-distribution.tar.gz

Install the database


Place the RepositorySettings.xml, the ReferenceSettings.xml and the certificate in the 'conf' directory.


Change the following in the ReferenceSettings (The dots means parts of the ReferenceSettings, which you can ignore):

<ReferenceSettings xmlns="">

Change the path to the certificate in the file in the 'bin' folder.

Setup as a Service

Turn the pillar into a Linux service. Place the following script in '/etc/init.d/' (remember to replace the path):

# chkconfig: 345 84 14
# description: Service script (start, stop status) for BitMag pillar service.


case "$1" in
        su - $USER_ACCT -c "/path/to/pillar/bin/ start"

        su - $USER_ACCT -c "/path/to/pillar/bin/ stop"

        su - $USER_ACCT -c "/path/to/pillar/bin/ status"
        echo "Usage: $0 { start | stop | status }"
        exit 1
exit $?


Start the service and look in the log (under log folder). It should have the following lines (dots for ignore the begining and/or the end the line):

  • ... Initializing ActiveMQMessageBus...
  • ... Settings component filter to: <PILLARID>
  • ... Creating the connection to the database 'DatabaseSpecifics [driverClass=org.postgresql.Driver, ...

  • ... Starting the ReferencePillar of type 'CHECKSUM'

Ensure that the pillar did not erroneous automatically create a Derby database, by validating the no 'checksumDB' or 'auditDB' folders is located either the installation directory or a conf/checksum folder.