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We have several project crawls during June, all of which are annual crawls that are carried on from previous years. Two crawls on the themes of solidarity and social movements started last week. This week we will be collecting sites of French official publications, and also American official publications under an agreement with the Library of Congress. Finally, next week we will be crawling sites of auction houses ; this is also the subject of our most recent selection of sites in the access interface.


  • Stage 1 of broad crawl was finished. Before we start stage 2, we have to wait until  we receive extra storage. The broad crawl includes 1.25 mio. domains, 12.000 domains from new TLD .wien.
  • Event crawl about Eurovision Song Contest finished, we crawled 31 domains with 80 seeds. Only small crawl, because we did not get an additional budget.
  • Event crawl about two local elections are still running.      


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