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In March, we launched a selective crawl with the frequency "twice a year". In total, 1,600 domains will be captured in less than one month. The majority of the sites cover literature and cinema. For this crawl, we have asked the content librarians to read carefully all BCWeb records that have not been updated since 2011. We regularly have to encourage the librarians to review their records: in fact, it is more common for them to add new records than to remove old ones that may no longer be relevant.

There are several changes in the BnF team in April. Clément has left for his new post at the  ISSN International Centre, and Benoît Tuleu, deputy director of the legal deposit department, will be in charge of the service during the interim period. Géraldine will soon be going on maternity leave for several months, and the other members of the team will be taking on her projects during this period. Finally, Imad, the developer who has worked on several projects for us in recent years and in particular BCWeb, has also left to take on a new opportunity elsewhere.




  • End of March we have started our 4th broad crawl (we still have broad crawls only every two years with a budget of 8 TB).
  • We have 4 regional elections this year, the first takes place in May.
  • Also in May: Eurovision Song Contest. We started selecting seeds, but it will be a rather small collection.
  • Total budget for all selective crawls is 2 TB.

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