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The Supplier must deliver the image files in accordance with the specifications below.



Checks of the JPEG2000 files implemented by "sb-jp2.sch" schematron file. The checks are as specified in the contract appendix 2B

  • Encoding: Done
  • File format: Done
  • Colour space and depth:Greyscale, 8 bits per pixel  Done
  • Transformation/compression:Lossless (5-3 reversible) Done
  • Decomposition levels: 6 levels, each half the size of the previous. Done
  • Quality layers:Multiple quality layers, highest quality should be lossless. 16 layers. After lossless, 4 bits/pixel, 2 bits/pixel, and so on down to 0.015625 bits/pixel. Done
  • Progression order:Resolution level-position-component-layer (RPCL) Done
  • Tile size:1024 x 1024 pixels Done
  • Code-block size:64x64 Done
  • Precincts:No. Done
  • Embedded metadata:No embedded metadata in the JP2 file. Metadata instead should be stored in separate MIX files (see elsewhere). Done (currently disabled, due to faulty test data, and it's unknown how they can be fixed)
  • Coder bypass mode:Yes. Done
  • Tile-length markers (TLM): Yes. Not implemented
  • Start of Packet (SOP) markers:Yes. Done
  • End of Packet header (EPH) markers:Yes. Done
  • Segmentation symbols:Yes. Done
  • Regions of interest (ROI):No.
  • Note: Be careful with generating JP2-files from TIFF files that have colours coded in the palette-format. We have experienced problems with our encoder in that case. Namely clearly deteriorated graphics especially visible along the edges of printed letters.
  • Not implemented