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  1. Check the log for warnings and errors.

    Code Block
    cd /home/devel/$TESTX/log/
    grep ERROR *.log | grep -v COMMON_ERROR
    grep WARN *.log

    The following entries are normal: 

    Code Block
    arcrepositoryapplication0.log.0:WARNING: AdminDataFile (./ was not found.
    HarvestJobManagerApplication.log:13:12:05.567 WARN  d.n.h.s.jobgen.AbstractJobGenerator.generateJobs - Refusing to schedule harvest definition 'TEST6-selective-harvest-HOURLY' in the past. Skipped 71 events. Old nextDate was Fri Apr 13 13:59:19 CEST 2018 new nextDate is Mon Apr 16 13:59:19 CEST 2018
    HarvestJobManagerApplication.log.0:WARNING13:12:20.959 WARN  d.n.h.s.HarvestSchedulerMonitorServer.processCrawlStatusMessage - Job 2124 failed: HarvestErrors = dk.netarkivet.common.exceptions.IOFailure: Crawl probably interrupted by shutdown of HarvestController
    HarvestJobManagerApplication.log:13:13:17.710 WARN  d.n.h.s.HarvestSchedulerMonitorServer.processCrawlStatusMessage - Received unexpected CrawlStatusMessage for job 23 with new status FAILED, current state is DONE. Marking job as DONE. Reported harvestErrors on job: dk.netarkivet.common.exceptions.IOFailure: Crawl probably interrupted by shutdown of HarvestController

    The following warning may occur after a while, and can be ignored as well: 

    Code Block
    WARNING: Error processing message '
    Class:                  com.sun.messaging.jmq.jmsclient.ObjectMessageImpl
    getJMSMessageID():      ID:40-
    getJMSTimestamp():      1197902260630
    getJMSCorrelationID():  null
    JMSReplyTo:             null
    JMSDestination:         TEST6_COMMON_THE_SCHED
    getJMSDeliveryMode():   PERSISTENT
    getJMSRedelivered():    false
    getJMSType():           null
    getJMSExpiration():     0
    getJMSPriority():       4
    Properties:             null'
    dk.netarkivet.common.exceptions.UnknownID: Job id 23 is not known in persistent storage
            at dk.netarkivet.harvester.scheduler.HarvestSchedulerMonitorServer.processCrawlStatusMessage(
            at dk.netarkivet.harvester.scheduler.HarvestSchedulerMonitorServer.visit(
            at dk.netarkivet.harvester.harvesting.distribute.CrawlStatusMessage.accept(
            at dk.netarkivet.harvester.distribute.HarvesterMessageHandler.onMessage(
            at com.sun.messaging.jmq.jmsclient.MessageConsumerImpl.deliverAndAcknowledge(
            at com.sun.messaging.jmq.jmsclient.MessageConsumerImpl.onMessage(
            at com.sun.messaging.jmq.jmsclient.SessionReader.deliver(

    Any other warning should be considered a release test failure.

  2. Go to the system overview page and check that all the expected applications are listening and are up without warnings or errors.
  3. Check that the scheduler schedules only one job for the hourly selective harvest.