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Instructions on how to run JWAT-Tools.

The command line interface is work in progress. So at some point the arguments/options will be refactored.

Unfortunately I have a small command line package which also requires refactoring.


The following options are currently available in JWAT-Tools.

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titleCommandline options
JWATTools v0.5.14
usage: JWATTools [-dte19] [file ...]
 -t   test validity of ARC, WARC and/or GZip file(s)
 -r   recursive
 -e   show errors
 -dl   decompressrelaxed URL URI validation
 -rx   recursiveto validate text/xml payload (eg. mets)
 -d   decompress
 -1   compress faster
 -9   compress better
 -i   interval extract
 -u   unpack multifile gzip
 -c   convert arc to warc
 -C   output CDX

You can supply one or more files. Each file can contain * and/or ? wildcards, but only in the filename part of the path. You can use more wildcards at the same time if you want.


Convert ARC files to WARC.

-C (output CDX)

Index one or more ARC/WARC files and output the result in CDX format.