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Welcome to the Java Web Archive Toolkit

This wiki describes the overall packages and also includes some detail on how the main classes are implemented.

The JWAT code was originally intended for use only in a number of JHove2 modules, but since the classes can be of use outside the JHove2 project, an independent project was created.

Note: Even though the repository is about 80mb, most of that is test data. The libraries themselves are very small!


  • GZip support.
    • Reader with validation.
    • Writer with validation.
    • (Multi-file) GZip validating decompressor/compressor.
    • GZip Input/Output wrapper streams.
  • ARC support.
    • Reader with validation.
    • Writer with validation.
  • WARC support.
    • Reader with validation.
    • Writer with validation.
  • Encoding supported:
    • Base64, Base32 and Base16.
    • ISO8859-1.
    • UTF-8.
    • QuotedString.
    • EncodedWords.
    • URI including profiles.
  • Advanced header line reader.
  • HttpHeader request/response parser/validation.
  • Content-Type parser/validation.
  • Various special purpose stream implementations.
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