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Deletes a file in the bitrepository. It takes the following arguments:

  • IS_THIS_IN_USE [MANDATORY] -f The path to the file, which is wanted to be deleted (the actual file is required for calculating the checksums etc. for performing the delete operation).

  • [MANDATORY] -c The id for the collection to place the the file in.

  • [MANDATORY] [OPTIONAL] -C The checksum of the file to be delete (in the collection default checksum specficiation).

  • [OPTIONAL] -S The salt of checksum to request in the response. Requires the ChecksumType argument.

  • [OPTIONAL] -R The algorithm of checksum to request in the response from the pillars.

  • [MANDATORY] -p The id of the pillar where the file should be delete.

  • [MANDATORY] -i The id for the file to perform the operation on.


Replaces a file in the bitrepository with the provided file. It takes the following arguments: