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We still keep NAS 5.2.2 in our test environment because of an unsolved blocking bug. Meanwhile a bug, which had prevented NAS 5.2 from creating Heritrix jobs. Jobs did not start, selctive crawls were deactivated by the system or the jobs just hung without getting in touch with H3. The bug is solved but meanwhile we had started the fourth broad crawl for 2016 (it ran from Nov. 28 to Dec. 27 2016), so we wait with implementing NAS 5.2.2 in our production system until the beginning of 2017.

We are updating our access procedure and our citrix solution. Because of the rather restrictive Danish data protection law we have complicated user group administration and we have problems with one of the groups

We still work on the compression of the archive. There is a bug in JWA S, the compression software, when it is solved we will reschedule the compression project.