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The fastest way to get started with NetarchiveSuite is to use the NAS Vagrant Quickstart. The latest Vagrantfile for NAS can be downloaded directly from source at .

Using Vagrant

For those unfamiliar with Vagrant, first install vagrant itself as follows:

  • Install VirtualBox,



  • Install Vagrant,



On Then on command-line, change directory to the place where the Vagrantfile is, then:
vagrant init location of the downloaded Vagranfile and 

Code Block
vagrant init ubuntu/precise64


vagrant destroy -f; vagrant up

If you have more than one network on your host machine (like wired and also wireless), you may be asked to choose between them during the vagrant up.

At the end, the 'vagrant up' should output a URL for testing.the URL to the NAS GUI. Insert this URL in a Firefox browser to test the system.


To login to the Vagrant virtual machine that is running NetarchiveSuite :
use vagrant sshLogout , andlogout again with the exit command.


To take down the running Vagrant virtual machine, do a

vagrant destroy