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Describes the general messageflow in communication between the Bit Repository components.

An operation in the Bit Repository is a two-phase process.

The first phase is the identification phase. A client broadcasts an Identify Request message, and all relevant components that can answer the request must reply with an Identify Response message. The client can then select the relevant components for the operation.

The second phase is the operation phase. The client sends an Operation Request message to the selected components. The component performs the operation and sends back zero or more Operation Progress Response messages and finally an Operation Final Response.

If the Operation Request contains data (such as Put or Replace) a reference to the data, as described in "File Exchange Protocol" is included.

If the Operation Final Response contains data (such as Get, GetFileIDs, GetChecksums, GetAuditTrails) a reference to the data, as described in "File Exchange Protocol" can be included. In some cases it may also be inlined in the messages.

The illustration below shows an example of a conversation.

Normal message flow 

Gliffy Diagram
nameNormal message flow