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September 22-23.Topics: 1) archiving with Warcproxy, 2) browser-based crawling, and 3) Web archiving APIs.

Is anyone attending?

  • Olga from IIPC has invited BNF to participate. If anyone else is invited/will participate, please inform the NAS community to  Exchange ideas before the hackaton.

NAS 5.


2 Developpement Update

Feedback from KB/SB.

  • ongoing Work, coordination with Kristinn form Iceland. All changes will be in the NetarchiveSuite code base. Søren sends his coding to Sara for reviewing. Coding is suposed to be finished in the end of July, august will be used for tesating, release in the end of August. 

BnF getting started to migrate to NAS 5 and H3. Need help to get started.

  • Everybody, who needs help: please use the developpers mailing list (not individual emails), so all can help each other. 
  • The key is using the right templates

Status of the production sites