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  1. Identify requests: The client initiating an operation should start by sending an Identify request  to the broadcast Destination. The identify request asks all pillars and/or contributors who is capable and able to perform the operation to reply. The request includes the Destination whereto the pillars/contributors should send their responses.
  2. Identify responses: All pillars and/or contributors who support the operation and for whom the received Identify request is relevant, send responses back containing a Destination used by the client to send messages directly to the pillar/contributor. The responses can also include additional information about the pillars ability to respond. E.g. expected delivery time of a file.
  3. The client chooses which pillars to use for the operation
  4. Operation request: The client sends an Operation request message to each pillar/contributor chosen for the operation, requesting the specific operation to be performed. 
  5. Progress response: Each pillar sends 0 - * can send Progress responses regarding the status of the operation process. The first progress message will typically be an 'Operation accepted' response'. It is not mandatory
  6. Final response: When a pillar has finished performing the requested operation, it sends an Final Response. The final response contains the final status of the operation, failure or success. It may also contain the result of the operation or information on where to get the results.