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#4 (Feb 18, 2017 5:32:39 PM)

  1. Work on NAS-2380 and some added logging (commit: e16aacab4a102188f14d52c1aa81311e14eb845d) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  2. More work on NAS-2380 (commit: 6780fe082fd7c690ebe0eacc7188b4c99a99bb6f) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  3. Added Viewerproxy logging (commit: 08d6df41cb9bee6a7e903680d14319f57722b17b) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  4. Replaced MILESTONE1 with 0 (commit: 88cdca626d15a77715f4298c8012f53a70aed018) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  5. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0-RC1 (commit: a38ff57cbf26eafa3c09d7a5dcf9f8c051c42264) — Mikis Seth Sørensen (mss) / detail
  6. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 6435ced4604e9f3eb586989275beaa72ac0f4b9a) — Mikis Seth Sørensen (mss) / detail
  7. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0-RC1 (commit: bba4975ab42a56d8221b0a5576de5f5154ecb62c) — Mikis Seth Sørensen (mss) / detail
  8. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 5.0-RC1 (commit: 0581dcb12c0d1b79113193594f7a97babde76824) — Mikis Seth Sørensen (mss) / detail
  9. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 5.0-RC1 (commit: 10fd7aab3e285f30762c1af99bd82fa5d16e4afd) — Mikis Seth Sørensen (mss) / detail
  10. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0-RC1 (commit: 3c9fd7b142c371075775df99891bd7a70d4e16e2) — Mikis Seth Sørensen (mss) / detail
  11. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 0377d069e244b3805a40901740271544e0e28260) — Mikis Seth Sørensen (mss) / detail
  12. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0-RC2 (commit: 0acca18fd3b615adc4597894d7956bc037b3362e) — Mikis Seth Sørensen (mss) / detail
  13. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: f1a1ec6d29cefc49b5634d290082098ca5a781b2) — Mikis Seth Sørensen (mss) / detail
  14. Introduced a FunctionalInterface for future refactoring (commit: d81d709e53a93e8268bbb493fc98086b07533c6a) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  15. Removed the static major.minor.patch version constants from (commit: 4f3c1a5a814ec1ebf2e9911c3025be30d5f8b7b4) — nicl / detail
  16. Version string changed to only show 40 char hashes nad ommit the build (commit: 2a97e8877989bd56717b9a352a98a553eed68b71) — nicl / detail
  17. Fix issue NAS-2443: Add .cheap, .wtf, and .club as new TLDs (commit: b8d8da3b729a2dce599b85188e7159a148bc9189) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  18. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: 688564340fcb1c32180f2c7daeb1189ef8dbe2f1) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  19. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 1ed18660bf2195b2000b17d7b11198c02995e78f) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  20. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: d22b08393381abcb41303a9b24462efe14ae0395) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  21. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: cfccdece77c163d721f1188ec6ebb3e7d7744d80) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  22. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: eebd62b10a364d0c5fb194d429236edc6cad1bc0) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  23. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: bf2708b3682782b75a7aede26481d3275eaaeec0) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  24. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: f35e47b0527a9574df1d0e2f89a1684594a53ee0) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  25. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: 7990a21e4f3d44691a4b8f957713c85793599b15) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  26. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: dfb6f219eda116312bfd4d97d2742b74017decdf) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  27. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: d91b6e249675126f0807f9e1baf509b132ad9748) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  28. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: bdb906e39e929afe1cec7651d23e10bdeb0e3f9e) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  29. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: 0ce55bf802e998542063114ecec1f4e65965f0b6) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  30. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: ca8eef87408a29bbba553710a41b28a0b6f298d2) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  31. Replaced jetty 9.2 with jetty 6.1.26 (commit: 9d6470a6e16a77df517f27dfaf8d958e7ec9f1dc) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  32. Trying unsuccessfully to fix the compile-error in (commit: c1cadfd1bac042e8f219fffed8c7c7b866693638) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  33. Backported code to java7, where jetty 6 still works (commit: 89cef909ef64b026d15bf4bbae8a312907d7791f) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  34. remove incorrect JSP dependencies from pom (commit: b97ba1f386f06f5a19e47a8ed5955d97d147e53e) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  35. Partial follow-up to NAS-2466: make deactivation/reactivation hideable. (commit: 0a923a5522098dfead94724ed5c62f57d09ca5ce) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  36. Typo (follow up to NAS-2466) (commit: 973ec0bbd90e3f6820e494712bbf633c1f7d014a) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  37. Tentative fix for NAS-2474 (commit: 305be207b84e1592bed06d1545f6e8ca7abde6da) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  38. Follow-up of review of NAS-2419 (commit: 8fbeaf90fe876733f2e6a3f72bef934ccff4b63f) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  39. Added notification and improved logging in case of failed upload to (commit: 0fc3ff510b21b794c46058fe135c526c9dcaed0c) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  40. Removing of useless duplicate .gitignore files. Added ignores to main (commit: 83cf7b99655fc117f4512091b6386ff1541ef250) — nicl / detail
  41. Fix for NAS-2477 - Improved the error-checking around the building and (commit: 33627d69f8480dbcecacfff9360b2874eb00877c) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  42. followup to review of NAS-2478 (commit: 80e4d9fb033e5c9aa9eb875923f61734f8aca061) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  43. Adding more logging to the globalCrawlertraps framework (and deletion of (commit: 3d85afaa5ce06152410aaedac9e7b71816b6c90b) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  44. Javadoc fixes, and one typo (commit: 65ee0489bad8609e6f0877f6f852e525d9a5fa38) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  45. NAS-2479: MetadataFileWriterWarc writes faulty digest headers no more. (commit: 25eaa43f8726bc8e6feb4665531418861df27e75) — nicl / detail
  46. Add .international as valid domain  (NAS-2498) (commit: 55e36692c3dbaf9308a878565a7e31991051a0f7) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  47. Added TLD garden (NAS-2498) (commit: 8ee1c9b31f3b0c2aec961c7ef2ec0deefb492632) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  48. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.1 (commit: f51805bc89a303db2c60faab03e963fbb286fb07) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  49. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 36c410fbdaf6dc4b7d7710952fe7726df1773158) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  50. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.1 (commit: 050c9a126f723bbd5221950e650f5a2147598575) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  51. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.1 (commit: cde61d78299cabccae6195908b81ef77c84a76b9) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  52. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 7dc126ab84d91d7e04f26fe69c72be533cfe095d) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  53. Followup commit for NAS-2510. Corrected metadata suffix pattern to allow (commit: d82e0046ba5528e0cbd292ea841f24e9d54abf45) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  54. NAS-2511 use format 'YYYYMMDD HH:mm:ss' on timestamps in GUI (commit: 4bd464a975911924c348808d506ca2666a0f7700) — jve / detail
  55. Use embedded tomcat for GUI application instead of jetty. (commit: 5d775619b067ede5c1f20500149ec3d4d8f92cc3) — jve / detail
  56. Migrating (commit: 6c6ad0a350a300c743afe7fbb7aad4d4da3785cd) — khanh-lam.mai / detail
  57. Implemented NAS-2519 by replacing the listing of all valid tlds with the (commit: ce98b36a592e080e6ac036f4dbd5e300b18f760c) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  58. Tidied up various formatting problems. (commit: 5184eaa4fa1a3e3b0d6f9b621a041c6a5c529f15) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  59. Restored missing SiteSection initialisation. (commit: d2dd5e4eccea9f1a251c5dd6c3f4d620e4e58639) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  60. NAS-2519 - removed the tlds from ressources used by unittests (commit: 30bd8a652c3844ee33d3cba19d62fb25242276e4) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  61. NAS-2519 - fixed failing SLOW unittest, moved DomainUtils tests from (commit: 1d960d2a7ec88523d5833cab604b852b151c15d6) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  62. follow-up to review of NAS-2519, and work on NAS-2420 (commit: d12e279805bb9504e3325bbdbc99e30b72e7a680) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  63. NAS-2519 - added more javadoc, and changed the constructor from public (commit: 62ba2ea118a249c00bf3b4d4f090dab4b14bce33) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  64. Followup on discussion of NAS-2519. Look for also for external (commit: 09fe87c8ae5834e43daff41ad8e5461b1ebd51f8) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  65. Work on NAS-2554. Ready for testing (commit: 9f9462597d7973a9042993f1138c083873e3a273) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  66. Quick experiment to try setting the root context. (commit: cd30bf76b31f85684d1f5460765f2e53dd198691) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  67. Followups to NAS-2556 via (commit: c3f7e02a9727174440cfc461b78ca39f19ebd48c) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  68. Uncommented all GUIWebServer test. They all fail. And changed the (commit: 43a27a9fe0812383771c793e5de94bfffbe5ffd4) — Søren Vejrup Carlsen (svc) / detail
  69. correcting display of of value of field job id range + correcting (commit: 860cd1c0646105f180dd3847bef65f9cf47b4653) — khanh-lam.mai / detail
  70. Quick followup to (commit: 3c929ea114607e2ce1bd30278b569d50c69e1a92) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  71. Follos ups to , (commit: ec6262414f55fde0773ca8387d0d46f32ffcfab5) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  72. : correcting version of h3 by (commit: 291e99dbd73cbfbbb1d0f79c80e22017f75d035c) — khanh-lam.mai / detail
  73. Fix to new issue with deploying contexts. (commit: c143a18a93a692b9439d2d13961ac86fdcad6147) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  74. Set GUI back to using tmpdircommon as webbase. (commit: e01631e12f87b246c144390d3dcf591084c04c34) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  75. Params to make tomcat act like the old jetty server as far as possible. (commit: 173b590bcd1cf8b1a7604e35a4353472e1a532b3) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  76. Deploy root context. (commit: eb2802a51228b40e05c27737bdbaa43940e6657b) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  77. rolling back fix for heritrix version, hardcode it (commit: 1bfe6b72d2e32df7a9bce15b9a948626f300eab5) — khanh-lam.mai / detail
  78. Fix to NAS-2568 to make metadata filename pattern configurable. (commit: 2f054e8a32cf731864b8cdc2eb9779b79294309a) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  79. Fixed a handful of unit tests. (commit: 613f81f3b6ca5dfbca969e96c6efbe7278f79352) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  80. Fixed a handful of unit tests. (commit: 72df8d798c46926ddad78a45ad532613f0ac1725) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  81. Fix to NAS-2569 hot-tested in a running ViewerProxy instance. (commit: 79e57c77712a91ce55731084f279bfc22e7049bb) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  82. H3 jobs overview changed to show job by channel. A config GUI page has (commit: b917c1566c923d36f0dc0406eb39e890606fe5f3) — nicl / detail
  83. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.2 (commit: f711a23f1f6efce89d29a0e117932d28fc22042f) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  84. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 6a85158141d22340a7c96f4b96efaa9b40cda306) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  85. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.2.1 (commit: 67e8ca1be52d70ef2152b60e7fd2a29448a68ec6) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  86. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 5673665f0279cbbdc3d5424dd6423402205224ac) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  87. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.2.2 (commit: 86df93186cc364d1486a21cc60158a1eed03f1bf) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  88. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 5cc04b8c74f61c020e33b1dd85a573a83dc5d831) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail
  89. Fixed regex checking of dedup enabled. (commit: 5df10769c1628b7627430475084fa62c681e8ad5) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / detail