Maven project NetarchiveSuite-SystemTest-Bitmagasinet

  • Deploys the newest NetarchiveSuite zip SNAPSHOT in the m2 repository to the test system under the devel user.
  • Starts the test system.
  • Runs the system tests.
Target: mvn clean install -PsystemTest -rf :system-test The systemTest profile is defined in the module pom: integration-test/system-test/pom.xml This specifies the test specification in full-test.xml which in turn specfies that the suite is described by the package dk.netarkivet.systemtest.functional. The tests in this package inherit from the class SeleniumTest which has a @BeforeSuite method which deploys the clean system using ssh and our standard deployment scripts. This version of the test uploads to devel bitmagasinet - SystemTest collection.
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Latest Test Result (1 failure / +1)

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