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  1. Follow ups to (commit: 0e15e313cc0ffc98e75f5856fafb9c74acc4e44d) (detail)
  2. Most of the followup to (commit: f3a1ba688da30792c7846d519fc99bc6c448c30d) (detail)
  3. Most of the followup nr 2 to (commit: 4cc7008f4620754fa82ca22dd2ae81bbe88625f1) (detail)
  4. Partial followup on CR-NAS-372. (commit: 1197c122a2491839b401dc97122d644b31da1bf5) (detail)
  5. Fixed method call (commit: d79ad774301a18f159cfa257a9f61c1f322c9d3d) (detail)
  6. Further followup on CR-NAS-372. (commit: 8d4ebfd77f7f61844663c86e18df4668d4dc2534) (detail)
  7. Merge branch 'bitmag' of /home/csr/projects/netarchivesuite with (commit: 1767d415911495676652ecf7ee9050cfda9a43a9) (detail)
  8. Most of the followup nr 3 to (commit: b3cd9fcee1116c7eb651328059ef0bc1e7ba1797) (detail)
  9. Some trivial documentation followups to (commit: f86fec56c346c383f94f3f5111be69d97143252e) (detail)
  10. Followup on TestBitrepository stuff (commit: 374be4d1731ec21db2ccc30da2c6d12fe9285c86) (detail)
  11. Fixes according to CR-NAS-373 (commit: 08c5a0110ef55abdbc806e49969199c8a3b007a4) (detail)
Changes in dependency
  1. NetarchiveSuite Success#44Success#50 (detail)