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Success Build #57 (Mar 8, 2021 9:03:28 AM)

  1. Removed old bitmag classes and remnants of it (commit: ad3aaf637af932564da7d15e83b75c02e9f7fb6f) (detail)
  2. minor cleanup (commit: 5fc5716afe6a2532ad7a65e08660fda70ac3568e) (detail)
  3. collectionID setting fix to always default to env name when unset (commit: a114fff89a4046d8084f41be0a25f599dd785575) (detail)
  4. Small logging change (commit: 556502406169e61681d21e90a0425c9a8cd36ee6) (detail)
  5. switched line 123 with line 122 CleanupIF.. (commit: fd87b5a10b73ec8f3acbf23ad48445cd61ee6662) (detail)
  6. Unused imports and small line removals (commit: 84edae215c8f466a8002744284cb300e251d9882) (detail)
  7. ny pom.xmm a intergaces og annotations (commit: 1fd4d1d17ef45ac49b8f1d91504b390ecb47a70e) (detail)
  8. Fixed circular dependency (commit: b9239bc6e51ea9fafa652287c25a3a1a76306c30) (detail)
Changes in dependency
  1. NetarchiveSuite - common - test Success#56Success#57 (detail)
  2. NetarchiveSuite - common - core Unstable#56Unstable#57 (detail)
  3. NetarchiveSuite - test utils Success#56Success#57 (detail)
  4. NetarchiveSuite Success#13Success#14 (detail)
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