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  1. add generalised DAO and DatabaseFactory classes, and use them to obtain (detail)
  2. refactor the DatabaseFactory concept (detail)
  3. move alarm service over to the DatabaseFactory concept (detail)
  4. cleanup of imports in alarm-service module (detail)
  5. move integrityDAO to DatabaseFactory concept (detail)
  6. add retry functionality to integrity service (detail)
  7. changes according to review CR-BITMAG-350 (detail)
  8. Explicit source Directory, hopefully to make sonar happy (detail)
  9. Make DatabaseFactory use generics, and get rid of DAO interface (detail)
  10. put the parantheses and the workflow status in the same element (detail)
  11. update license plugin and fix it's configuration so that it will find (detail)
Changes in dependency
  1. Bitrepository  ? → (detail)
  2. Bitrepository Reference Settings  ? → (detail)

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