Søren Vejrup Carlsen

WEBDAN-290 fixed the link to show details

More work on WEBDAN-290

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WEBDAN-290 - refactoring DAO code to simplify getSeeds() and getSeedsLong methods for domains

WEBDAN-290 - added preliminary page for the links

WEBDAN-290 - fixed representation of danicaParts on page. Mostly a null value

Work on WEBDAN-290

WEBDAN-288 - improve on unittest for XmlUtils.cleanstring() method

WEBDAN-289 - disabled logging for SettingsUtilities.getIntegerSetting() method to avoid logdata included in the list of harvestlogs

Marked code as 2.1-RC2

WEBDAN-289 - added a setting for max harvestlogs processed in one go. default is 15

WEBDAN-288 - fixed critical error in harvest-creation. Wrote invalid xml into harvestinfo.origHarvestDefinitionComments field

NAS-2752 - final corrections

Fixed NAS-2712 - changed the regexp used for metadata-retrieval to the one in the Reporting class. NAS-2752 - added more logging to verify if duplicationmigration lookup is turned on/off

NAS-2750 - logging level changed

NAS-2750 - added usage for the new DNS fetcher, and disabled the new feature by default

NAS-2750 - added new DNSFetcher class that fails bad URIs early, ie. before DNS lookup is tried

NAS-2752 - added the SendDedupIndexRequestToIndexserver program required to test indexing from the commandline

Bumped the version to 5.4.1

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Fixed NAS-2752 - disabled by default the search for duplicationmigration records

NAS-2751 - minor follow-up after codereview

NAS-2751 - minor follow-ups after codereview

NAS-2751 - now reuses the same QueueSession for every getCount() call. And the QueueSession is reinitialized in the case of a JMSException

NAS-2751 - we evaluated the limit for resetting jms wrong

NAS-2751 - Trying to reset the jmsconnection after a number of getCount() calls.

NAS-2751 - fixed memory-leak in JMS QueueBrowser functionality

Fixed bug WEBDAN-287 - dependency was disabled in .pigbootup file

Some followup to WEBDAN-283. added danish-code 415 for C9b>0

Update analysis.md

Update the analysis document

Adding documentation for the Analysis