Søren Vejrup Carlsen

Work on NAS-2683 - now works with seeds coming from a form

NAS-2673 - more work

NAS-2673 - Added updated versions of mq.sh and RunNetarchiveSuite.sh

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NAS-2673 - Added postgresql create script for default schedules, and moved scripts away from scripts/sql

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NAS-2677 moved frontier-classes from heritrix1-frontier to harvester-core, and removed heritrix1-dependencies from deploy and harvester modules

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NAS-2672 - added the possibility to use a settingsfile as argument

Additional improvements to the test tools - NAS-2672

NAS-2672 - Finished implementing FTPValidator, and added two other tools: MailValidator and HarvestDatabaseValidator

NAS-2672 - Inital work on the FTPValidator

Removed H1 support from Netarchivesuite

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Bumped version to 2.1-SNAPSHOT

Fix missing logning in rejectedLog of urls rejected by UrlUtils.isRejectableURL - only duplicates were written to rejectedlog

removed references to old webdanica-version

WEBDAN-273 - remove existing disabled seeds in webdanicaseeds before updating it

Update on solution for WEBDAN-273 so that existing seeds in webdanica-seeds are also checked up against the current defaultseedlist

Fixed critical bug WEBDAN-276

Pushed version to 2.0

Implemented WEBDAN-273

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Fix for WEBDAN-270 - changed the use of a ignoredProtocols list to a acceptedProtocols list

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Added fix for NAS-2676 - corrected the metadata file pattern

Removed duplicate dependency 'javax.inject' in pom.xml

Follow-up after initial accept-test. loadDomains.sh now uses --accepted argument like loadSeeds . PHOENIX_CLIENT_JAR now added to setenv.sh and used by ingestTool.sh. Error in loadDomains.sh fixed. Updates to installation manual after being used to install webdanica in PROD

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Forgot to add the improved version of RunNetarchiveSuite.sh

Fixed WEBDAN-266 - now checks the number of NetarchiveSuite apps alive as well

Bumped branch 2.1 to version 2.1-SNAPSHOT

WEBDAN-262 - removed the logging of the ignored cdx-lines. It gives too much noise

Bumped version to 2.0-RC4

Final fix for WEBDAN-262 - the logic in the SingleSeedHarvest.isRecordForJob() method was faulty. An unittest has been added for that method as well

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