Mads Møller Johansen

Merge branch 'DPA-139'

Merging into master

manually decide screenlayout

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manually decide screenlayout

sort article and page table according to filenames

show pages before articles in table

Fixe datepanel for overview of deliveries

Merge branch 'DPA-138'

Merging DPA-138 into master

Fixes for making dpa-manualcontrol support JDK9

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Merge branch 'DPA-133'

Merging DPA-133 into master

Fixes for DPA-133

Fix for running in dev-environment

DPA-67: during finalizing of tests (comitted into DPA-35) change installation guide

DPA-67: during finalizing of tests (comitted into DPA-35)

DPA-67: adding config-file specific for jetty

DPA-67: fixing singlesignon

Merge branch 'DPA-67-new'

Merging DPA-67 into master

Merge branch 'master' into DPA-67-new

Merging master into DPA-67

DPA-67: After review avoid packaging servlet-api

DPA-67: After review fixes to startup

DPA-67: After review update review

DPA-67: After review adding description

DPA-67: After review refactoring use of config params

DPA-67: After review adding namespace to xml

DPA-67: Changes to automatic build and use of properties

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DPA-67: After review extra comment

DPA-67: After review detailed descriptions of serializations

DPA-67: After review Adding reusable functions for cenverting between objects and xml

DPA-67: After review improving handling of Exceptions

DPA-67: After review refactoring, renaming, comments etc.

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DPA-67: After review adding comments and alligning attribute configuration