BnF-review : testing return of groovy script to handle also \r (and not only \n)

BnF-review : deleting getCrawlLogPath() method (with groovy script call) to use h3Job.crawlLogFilePath instead

BnF-review : changing ORDERXMLNAME to TEMPLATENAME + adding templateDescription field in crawler-beans.cxml test files

BnF-review : correcting H3HeritrixTemplate for metadata info in order to remove the functionnal programming part

NAS-2595 : moving new button 'H3 crawllog'

NAS-2602 : trying with the 8th column

NAS-2602 : rollback

NAS-2602 : correcting to use the 'other' date field in the crawl log as timestamp for the deduplicator's lucene index

forcing pull request update

Merge branch 'staging' into NAS-2592

correcting temp button to go directly on crawllog on H3 gui

adding a temp button to go directly on crawllog on H3 gui

NAS-2595 : use retiredQueuesCount for the moment, but actually it's inactiveQueuesCount that is stored inside. FIX : change retiredQueuesCount in the database for inactiveQueuesCount and same in the code

NAS-2595 : sometime inactives is -1 : display 0 in this case

pauseAtStart : correcting parseBoolean (there is a \n at the end)

pauseAtStart : adding a call to h3 to check if param pauseAtStart is set at true before starting job

adding javacript confirm box on teardown/terminate on job action page

NAS-2494 : adding method to call frontier DB with filter+sort+jobID+limit

NAS-2595 : correcting retired -> inactive (add param to retrieve inactive queues)

correcting test for getVersion() of NAS

NAS-2565 : adding test for harvestInfo v.0.6

NAS-2595 : correcting method to handle h3 console job url

NAS-2595 : adding method to handle h3 console job url

filter add GUI : escape backslash in regex

correcting job h3 url in Harveststatus-running.jsp

correcting budget groovy for quota enforcer

NAS-2595 : correcting Harveststatus-running.jsp

budget GUI : correcting groovy script

budget GUI : add quotaenforcer case

reverse false/true on check on budget GUI