Jeppe Ravn-Grove

Logging for debugging

Fixing the fix. Erhm :)

Fix of synchronized-bug

More fix of logging for debugging.

Another fix of logging for debugging.

Fix of logging for debugging.

Inserted logging for debugging.

Factoring code out of the jsp, to be able to place breakpoints in the code for debugging

Implementation of functionality to get the crawled URLs, along with a unit-test for it.

This should fix one nullpointer exception (bcoz of error in condition)

Attempt at debugging a new nullpointer exception

Debugging null jobId

Domain search functionality, showing only jobs harvesting searched domain

Method for getting the crawllog

Pulled in the newest version of from NAS-2463.

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Fixed seed urls having no protocol part.

Corrected the search text for wanted functionality and auto-indented code for better overview.

Made code style more consistent, and removed unused code, trying to understand the code better. Testing that it still works afterwards...

Fixing the test

Testing to see domain values

Implemented table-info showing whether searched domain is in the seed list for the job with the given jobId

Testing grabbed parameter

Testing parameters, 3nd try

Testing parameters, 2nd try

Testing parameters

Bugfix: now branch is actually cloned for use in vagrant

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Included printed instructions for building from a totally clean vagrant

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Merge branch 'master' into NAS-2463-crawl-log-filter

Made space in table for new data