Clara Wiatrowski

Add overrides in JerichoExtractorHTMLTest

Add parsing case data-*

Revert ExtractorHTML

Add missing import

Add real crawlStatus in the crawlReport

Add parsing for HTML tags (data-src, data-srcset, data-original and data-original-set)

This test has still green?

This test has still green?

So let's remove it!

So let's remove it!

H3 version merged with IIPC master

H3 version merged with IIPC master

Add comment for crawler trap in crawler-beans

fix space in domain name

UI fixes

Get seedlist with/without alpha order

fix HarvestController when BindingException occurs

NAS-2791: Add delay to show number of URL deleted

NAS 2792: Show job infos when status is CRAWLER_EMPTY

NAS-2792: Update all translations

NAS-2792: Add status

NAS-2792: Add new bullet in view

NAS-2792: Add translation for

NAS-2792: Add purple bullet png

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