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Review CR-DOMS-63 Henrik Schmidt-Møller (deleted user) Pid registration from Henrik ready for Review 94 0 4 years and 2 months
Review CR-NEWSPAPER-57 Rune Bruun Ferneke-Nielsen (deleted user) AVISIMPL-204: added schematron validation for mix content, as well as... 3 3 4 years
Review CR-NEWSPAPER-58 Rune Bruun Ferneke-Nielsen (deleted user) review of alto schematron validation 4 1 4 years
Review CR-NAS-212 Andreas P Extended Fields for Harvestdefinitions 50 20 3 years and 7 months
Review CR-NEWSPAPER-382 Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen PDF+NewsML checking. 35 38 2 years and 2 months
Review CR-NEWSPAPER-385 Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Validator implements BiPredicate<String, InputStream>. ... 19 61 2 years and 2 months
Review CR-NEWSPAPER-391 Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Added commentaries for Soeren Bombaek perl-report preparing for... 1 11 2 years and 1 month
Review CR-NAS-295 Nicholas Clarke NAS-2538: Implement NASFetchDNS to allow to the use of local host... 2 5 17 months
Review CR-DPAVISER-11 Mads Møller Johansen Making class for md5Validation in doms-ingester make sure that all... 13 10 14 months
Review CR-DOMS-230 Thomas Hedegaard Lange Updating commercial metadata 24 37 12 months
Review CR-DPAVISER-14 Mads Møller Johansen DPA-31: stop ingestion when an error in checksums occours and and... 2 11 12 months
Review CR-DPAVISER-15 Mads Møller Johansen DPA-18: Create a new newspaper batch which is as close to what we... 10 3 12 months
Review CR-DPAVISER-18 Mads Møller Johansen DPA-49: Adding logginginformation for Kibana 9 8 9 months
Review CR-BITMAG-382 Asger Askov-Blekinge SettingsUtils is used non-statically. 55 0 7 months
Review CR-NAS-333 Søren Vejrup Carlsen NAS-2646: Modify maven pom.xml to allow for code coverage monitoring 129 8 2 months and 8 days
Review CR-NAS-334 Knud Åge Hansen NAS-2642: Initial refactoring by making a new method... 4 1 44 days
Review CR-NAS-335 Søren Vejrup Carlsen Added fix for NAS-2676 - corrected the metadata file pattern 3 2 32 days
Review CR-NAS-336 Søren Vejrup Carlsen Removal of H1 support from Netarchivesuite - NAS-2677 228 4 26 days
Review CR-NAS-337 Søren Vejrup Carlsen NAS-2674 - add a notification, in case of channel mismatch 1 0 25 days
Review CR-NAS-338 Søren Vejrup Carlsen NAS-2672: Add tool for verifying if ftp server setup is... 3 2 11 days
Review CR-NAS-339 Colin Rosenthal NAS-2685 Simultaneous processing of HD 2 1 4 days