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    Author & Moderator 54m 63 (14 defects) Should not be uncommented. Fixed
    Reviewer - Complete 50m 15 This was placed here instead of the CTOR for reasons. Sho...
    Reviewer - Complete 4h 50m 16 Delegated instead of relegated - also in the following me...
    Reviewer - Complete 3h 15m 47 (16 defects) agreed, and it should be described in javadoc
    Jeppe Ravn-Grove  (deleted user)
    Reviewer completed
    Reviewer - Complete 1h 12m 1 This class needs cleanup... indentation, removal of unuse...
    Total   11h 3m 142 (30 defects)  



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    /archive/.../distribute/ Changed 34
    Open in IDE #permalink
    /common/.../bitrepository/ Changed 26
    /common/.../bitrepository/ Changed 58
    /common/.../bitrepository/ Changed
    /common/.../bitrepository/ Changed 6
    /common/.../bitrepository/ Changed 2
    /common/.../bitrepository/ Changed 8
    /common/.../bitrepository/ Changed 5
    /common/.../bitrepository/ Changed 3

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