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DPA-137: CAS2 login in dpa-dashboard

Bumped to 0.5-SNAPSHOT (parent deployment problem)

Merge branch 'DPA-131' - Now with @nig css magic. now process pages too.

Merge branch 'master' into DPA-131 to prepare for merging back.

Fixed redirect after delete event on item.

Updated to 0.4 (final innovation week release)

Added helper script.

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SNAPSHOT: Working on making revised GUI work.

Migrated StreamTuple to artifact.

Version 1 - ingestion

Merge branch 'master' into release. Need to start ingesting.

Merge 'DPA-132'. Ingester works without symbolic links. Issue postponed.

Ingester found to work without symbolic links.

$ENABLE_GC_LOG now controls if JVM logs garbage collections.

Added logging for path.relativize() to diagnose symbolic links.

DPA-132: hasPart relations are missing with symbolic links on isilon.

SNAPSHOT: Moving delete events functionality into servlet. Redirect broken.

Merge branch 'DPA-131' of into DPA-131

Improved "show item". Now direct links to DOMS Fedora for object and data streams.

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StateIngested now shows newest first.

Glassfish configuration deployment info based on work with Netbeans.

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Most used pages adapted with <%@include of header/footer.

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DPA-131: Add CSS-lipstick from @nig

Merge branch 'DPA-130', no jetty:run, but dpa-dashboard-cdi for faster development.

Minor documentation fixes.

Documented deployment problems with Resin and Wildfly.

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Added Glassfish instructions for dpa-dashboard

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Merge branch 'master' into DPA-130

Merge branch 'DPA-129' - ABR made the dpa-manualcontrol webapp work again.