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Merge branch 'DPA-127' - update VeraPDF to 1.10

Merge branch 'master' into DPA-127

VeraPDF upgraded to 1.10.5

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Removed unused slf4j-test project.

Failed now comes before OK in report.

Added documentation of VeraPDF project and revised logging slightly for ValidateXML.

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DPA-127: Upgrade VeraPDF to 1.10 (for temporary file fixes)

Disabled System.err printing of unused configuration messages.

DNS broken. Replaced with

Merge branch 'DPA-123': Harden ingester and improve reports on DOMS objects.

Added sample tomcat context.xml with parameters necessary for dpa-dashboard.

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Used Netbeans to fix dpa-dashboard enough to work with localhost.

ToolResultReport changes broke unit tests (which was not caught)

Cleaned some of the unchecked cast warnings.

First successful ingest after hardening.

Merge branch 'master' into DPA-123

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into DPA-123-snapshot

Sources now compile (Merge branch 'DPA-123-snapshot' into DPA-123)

SNAPSHOT: Fixed return null.

SNAPSHOT: Ingester now compiles. An exception short circuits ingest of current delivery.

SNAPSHOT: Reinlined methods that was refactored out to clarifly generics problem.

SNAPSHOT: ToolsResultReport cleaned and usage fixed. FileSystemDeliveyIngester pending.

SNAPSHOT: ToolsResultReport now refactored and tests rewritten.

SNAPSHOT: Trying to refactor ToolsResultsReport

SNAPSHOT: Refactoring to make Ingester error reporting more robust

SNAPSHOT: Moved nested lambdas into own functions to do ToolResult->Either refactoring.

SNAPSHOT: Ingester - 1) hasParts-bug, 2) Be much more robust using Either+IdValue.

DPA-123: HasPart relations not created if any error happened earlier in ingest.

ABR found (default) IP-number of host as seen from docker instance.