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Follow symlinks

Approce-cleaner: Remember to sort the file list

Approve-cleaner: Better email from and to adresses

Approve-cleaner now stores file list on disk and only mails a link

Start scripts for components approve-cleaner and manualQA-completer

Update changelog

HACK: Use username of server, if you are not logged in

removed invalid lines from pom.xml

Fixme notes

CreateDelivery now manually stops incoming roundtrips if an approved roundtrip is already in the system constants for more events.

CreateDelivery now manually stops incoming roundtrips if a newer roundtrip is already in the system

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/approvalCleaner' into approvalCleaner

Fixed Weekday analyzer launcher

VAADIN: First stab at making Jetty work with CAS

VAADIN: If nobody is in trusted users, everybody is

Approve cleaner component that works

Approve cleaner component

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Little * flag for deliveries with overridden events should not pollute the item ID

OVerride kriterie now disallows override of succesful events, not of failed events

Bruger det rigtige navn til override event

logback test should not spam console with messages, so removed the worst offenders

Overridding an event creates a new event, so we can see that something have been overridden. This is shown as a * in the gui. Include icons and handling for the Manually_Stopped event

Revert: Incorrect change to web.xml

ManualQA Event overview shows more states

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Reformat for easier comment out of initials-check

ManualQA-completer added

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Merge branch 'master' into release

DeliveryPattern is in services/conf, so update references

minor changes in readme