nicholas clarke <> in NetarchiveSuite-Webdanica

Cleanup closing of jdbc statements, resultsets and sqlarr object.

WEBDAN-269: Tweaked the menu.

Added and fixed drop in hbase-phoenix ddl.

Simple progress output to loadseeds.

Added Phoenix jar to distribution. Called register method in Phoenix DAO manager to load the Phoenix JDBC driver.

Added repositories to root pom file so netarchivesuite artifacts can be resolved on a clean system.

Make database system configurable.

Cassandra and HBase-Phoenix now use the same interfaces. Added some basic required exception handling.

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Work on supporting Cassandra and HBase-Phoenix through configurable selection.

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Added CriteriaResults HBase-Phoenix DAO and started on unit test class.

Implemented HBase-Phoenix DAO for harvest reports. Minor code cleanup.

Merge branch 'master' into hbase-phoenix

Merge branch 'master' into hbase-phoenix

Hadoop/HBase distributed mode configuration files.

Merge branch 'master' into hbase-phoenix



Description of how to install hadoop and hbase in pseudo distributed mode. Various configuration files, differences between RHEL/Ubuntu and a list of listening web ports.

WEBDAN-56: Implemented the rest of the missing hbase-phoenix DAO methods in the 3 classes and added some test code in the unit tests.

WEBDAN-56: Improved hbase-phoenix DDL scripts. Added 3 DAO classes and implemented the insert methods. Unit tests also included.

WEBDAN-56: Initial create scripts for hbase-phoenix.

Wired in StaticResource to serve static files.

Copied the basic webapp code/structure from DAB. Work in progress.

Setup webapp and WAR building modules.

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Added maven structure.

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