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NARK-1388 NAS-2648 - forgot to change the pattern itself :(

Fix NAS-2648 - support for crawllogs with old duplicate annotations (also NARK-1338)

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NAS-2612 - removed superfluous comment

Follow-up on NAS-2612 - ignore harvestreport if receiving failed status when in status FAILED

Work on NAS-2646 . Trying to merge jacoco reports into one single report

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new patch for NAS-2612 - ignore harvestreport if already in status DONE. Should we do the same for status FAILED?

Follow-up complete for review of NAS-2636

Follow-up to review of NAS-2530 and NAS-2539 - somewhat overdue :)

Follow-up to review of NAS-2506

Follow-up on review of NAS-2408

Fixing NAS-2645 - part two

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Fixing NAS-2645 - part one

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Added missing file for fix of NAS-2506

Fix for NAS-2506 - ignoring configs with no active seeds

Follow-up of review of NAS-2612 - some some comments

Change organizational data in pom.xml, and removed duplicate declaration of javax.inject.version

Fixed issue NAS-2408 . Now we don't throw an IOFailure exception if the archive-files-report already exists. Only log a warning

Fix error in travis builds due to brittle tests failing

NAS-2636 - Oops. Last commit introduced compile error

Fixed bug NAS-2636 - removed reference to H3 remote access page in SiteSection class and add English label to H3 Remote Access page

NAS-2618 - Roll back to version of Harveststatus-jobdetails.jsp supporting numberformatting

NAS-1612 - now crawlstatus DONE with current status DONE will not change the jobstatus to FAILED. However the domainharvestreport is still processed in this case

Fixed NAS-2635 - added servlet-api dependency to pom.xml

NAS-2539 - completed the fix by checking for XML validness in Global crawlertraps during update and creation

Added more logging to RunningJobs classes. Removed requirement of JDK 1.8 to build

NAS-2290 - fix dedup-workflow, so the origin contains the timestamp of the record, and this can be used in the revisit-record

Uncommented all GUIWebServer test. They all fail. And changed the GUIWebServer to not throw exception during cleanup; scanning logmessage only written once now; NAS-2548

Fix for NAS-2562

Add tentative fix for NAS-2560. Now the NPE is caught, and we attempt to continue

Fix for NAS-2545: Don't enter empty values for optional fields into the warcInfo metadata