søren vejrup carlsen <> in NetarchiveSuite-Github

Added patch for NAS-2690 /NARK-1212

Remove duplicate code in HarvestChannels class

Merge pull request #67 from netarchivesuite/NAS-2676

Added fix for NAS-2676 - corrected the metadata file pattern

Merge pull request #65 from netarchivesuite/NAS-2677

Nas 2677

Marking release 5.2.3 RC1

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Added cleanup of h3 files after post-processing - to 5.2.3 release

Fixed NAS-2686 (postprocessing fix) in master branch

Fixed NAS-2687 (indexing fix) in master bracnch

Fixed NAS-2579 (TLD spam) in master branch

Fixes for NAS-2579 (TLD-SPAM), NAS-2686 (postprocessing fix), and NAS-2687 (indexing fix)

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Work on NAS-2683 . add-seeds from file still fails and I don't know why:(

More work on NAS-2683

Work on NAS-2683 - now works with seeds coming from a form

NAS-2673 - more work

NAS-2673 - Added updated versions of and

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NAS-2673 - Added postgresql create script for default schedules, and moved scripts away from scripts/sql

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NAS-2677 moved frontier-classes from heritrix1-frontier to harvester-core, and removed heritrix1-dependencies from deploy and harvester modules

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NAS-2672 - added the possibility to use a settingsfile as argument

Additional improvements to the test tools - NAS-2672

NAS-2672 - Finished implementing FTPValidator, and added two other tools: MailValidator and HarvestDatabaseValidator

NAS-2672 - Inital work on the FTPValidator

Removed H1 support from Netarchivesuite

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Added fix for NAS-2676 - corrected the metadata file pattern

Removed duplicate dependency 'javax.inject' in pom.xml

NAS-2674 - add a notification, in case of channel mismatch

Initial implementation of a SSHRemoteFile, See NARK-1411

Merge pull request #59 from netarchivesuite/NAS-2646

Nas 2646

Merge branch 'master' into NAS-2646

Work on NAS-2646 - ignored test failing in travis

Work on NAS-2646 - some cleanup in the common-test module

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