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Forgot to change a dependency in the H3 monitor assembly so it was not built correctly after a rename.

Merge pull request #70 from netarchivesuite/NAS-2638-CSR

Nas 2638 csr

Fixed bootstrap dependency in h3 monitor module.

Merge branch 'master' into NAS-2638

Added the H3 monitor jar to the classpth of the harvester-core artifact manifest.

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Encourage the H3 monitor artifact to make an appearance in the distribution zip artifact.

Minor changes to re-integrate separate H3 monitor modules into the existing GUIApplication.

Merge branch 'master' into NAS-2638

Merge, resolve, reset, fix, commit of changed from master to NAS-2638.

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Use NumberFormat on some of the Long values in the H3 job resource page. Fixed bug in nas.groovy related to a new function.

Work on separate delete from frontier resource. Changed H3 the on deployed on sbforge nexus.

Changed H3 version to 3.3.0-BDB-5.0.x.

Work on adding a separate delete resource page to the H3 monitor GUI.

Byterange was 1 byte to long. Job list does not call h3mon.init() any more, potential for long delay.

Removed page size limit in H3 monitor. Do not show H3 monitor information for done or failed jobs.

Merge branch 'master' into NAS-2638

Button to fail a job when H3 has died unexpectedly. Minor code review changes. Larger HTTP parsing buffer in ArchiveExtractCDXJob.

Fixed bug in crawllog caching. Work on optimizing frontier queue viewery. Removed useless auto refresh from most pages.

Merge branch 'master' into NAS-2638

NAS-2638: Handle script errors in Scripting/FrontierQueue by showing stacktrace on failure. SLF4J/Logback currently not included in the assembled webapp.

NAS-2638: Merge and fix of NAS-2642. Edited some buttons and removed tomcat articats from WEB-INF/lib directory.

NAS-2638: Moved menu generation to template builder wrapper. Improved config by catching exception for invalid regexes.

NAS-2638: Tweaked zip artifact directory structure.

NAS-2638: Had to change the dependencies to include more since everything is mixed together.

NAS-2638: Also builds a h3 monitor artifact that uses tomcat embedded. H3 monitor resources split into separate class files. HTMLUtils modified to not be dependent on JSPOutputStream.

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Builds an artifact that uses tomcat embedded. Resources split into separate class files. HTMLUtils modified to not be dependent on JSPOutputStream.

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NAS-2638: Moved H3 remote monitor to separate module.

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NAS-2638: Moved H3 monitor classes to separate module.

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NAS-2641: Pagination now supports additional parameters in the page links.