nclarkekb <> in NetarchiveSuite-Github

Fixed HarvestChannel SQL and added HarvestChannel war to sitesection in settings.xml.

NAS-2272: harvestdefinitionbasedir/fullhddb.jar upgrade. Also renamed/added a column name in the harvestchannel.

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
Un-truncated a script which was truncated for a not so obvious reason.

Extended field fix for upgrade SQL for NAS-2251.

Removed me some tabs and moved one method too.

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NAS-2137 Work on digest problem.

Removed me some tabs.

NAS-2085 Improved ResultSet Iterator and added a new prepareStatement for potentially large results.

NAS-2085 Improved updateChecksumStatus().

Updated harvest-templates with WARCWriterProcessor block. Part of fixing NAS-1958

Follow-up to review NAS-2102.

Fixes NAS-2102.

Missing warc files in unit tests.

WARC changes and unit tests.

Moved archive profiles to common.

WARC changes from review. Fixed WARCWriter bug with empty files. Added WARC index support to Viewer Proxy. Changed one test to support JDK7.

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Added missing javadoc to WARC code.

WARC writing overrode the mime-type which is wrong, now uses existing parameter in methods.

Added some missing stuff from NICL branch.

Fixes small issues with metadata generation.

Metadata generation refactoring.

Now copies preharvest warc metadata and writes warc metadata.

ArchiveBatchJob and CDX extractor updates.

ArchiveBatchJob and CDX for both ARC and WARC works. Filters need to be smarter to work with both ARC and WARC at the same time.

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Commit so I can move some classes to a new archive package...

Experimental support for WARC harvesting in Heritrix. WARC batch jobs. Partial Archive batch jobs.

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Working WARC CDX for backup...

Experimental WARC CDX Job