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stephen abrams <> in JHove2-IIPC

Fix issue #119, set aggregate property for FileSetSource one argument constructor
Fix issue #120 and 121: delete obsolete FileSytemSource error messages and don't report erroneous file system properties for non-existant files.
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Fix aggregate identification regex
Merge fix for issue #114
Initial fix for issue #115, rationalization of Source class hierarchy, removing ZipFileSource and ZipDirectorySource. All manual tests OK but two unit tests still fail
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Complete fix for Zip module processing for all cases: (1) files direct children of Zip; (2) directories direct children of Zip (or directories); (3) filesets (representing implied directories) children of Zip (or filesets).
Partial fix for Zip characterization
Clean up handling of backing file and parent backing file for ByteStreamSource.
Have Reportable define the ReportableName property, not AbstractReportable. Change the associated displayer config files appropriately. Set the SourceName to always be displayed.
Remove references to FileSource and ZipFileSource. Use MeasurableSource instead.
Disable fail fast commend line option and reportable property
Correctly calculate ending offset and rename Mensurable to Measurable
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Clean up RIFF module displayer properties
Fix issue #49, conform to all WAVE validity tests defined by FADGI
Additional fix for issue #78, Shapefile inside of Zip. This is not really a good long-term solution: we never delete temporary files backing Zip components, so they will be extent if we need to create an InputStream on them later on.
Fix issue #109, adding PDF and JPEG 2000 to the PUID-to-JHOVE2 identifier map (jhove2-otherFormats-config.xml)
Update displayer properties
Fix issue Shapefile, Aggrefier, and GlobRecognizer unit tests.
Reestablish test files
Fix URLSource unit test
Cleanup MensuraleSource
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Fix issues #64 and #105; partial fix for issue #78: Shapefil inside of Zip only works if temporary files are NOT deleted.
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Fix issue #99: deletion of temporary files
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Fix issue #99: deletion of temporary files
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Partial fix for issue #99
Partial fix for issue #99, but temp files created for Zip components are still not being deleted
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Complete issue #26, initialize persistence manager to clean up ICC and WAVE unit tests
Fix issue #65, use NamedSource.getSourceName() to pass original file name to DROID for correct external signature matching
Fix issue #96, make date/time unit test independent of the local time zone
Fix issue #69, stale URL link in README file