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Clone in JHove2-IIPC

Add tests to setup method in these 2 unit tests to test for existence of the OpenSP utilitites at the path where the test-config.xml file says they exist.
Resolves issue #117
Resolve issue #116; clean up commented-out code in AbstractSourcefactory, SourceFactory, SourceFactoryUtil
Restore "extra properties" to various Source and Source Factory classes and properties file;

Replace source/source factory methods with zipentry in signature with more general methods using inputStream and reportable

Modify zipmodule to use those new source methods

Set sealed = false in pom.xml so jar is NOT sealed (for shapefile classes)

Remove ExtraProperities and associated methods from Source, SourceFactoryUtil, AbstractSource, SourceAccessor interface and classes;

make ZipEntry reportable properties part of ZipModule; remove unused code from zip module package;

update source and zip module displayer properites

to reflect changes;

update SaxParser where it checks Source type to set system identifier

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Synchronize with Stephen's changes 2011.03.02 3:48 PM EST
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Address issue #101 Delete the 3 grammar (.g) files, the 3 associated wrappers, and the 3 associated unit tests. Update the main and test config.xml files for SGML module to remove beans associated with wrapper classes. Update pom.xml to remove

any reference to antlr jars or plugins; update .bat and .sh and .cmd files that reference antlr jars

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Merge with Stephen's merge
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Addresses issue #94
Address issue #92
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Issue #92 Make sure module is persisted after parse and after validate (before profile validation)
Modify ANTRL grammars to create fewer strings; modify CopyUtils to ensure dereferencing of all Strings in lists and maps created by ANTLR grammars, create unit test for CopyUtils

See issue #91

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Resolves #87, #88, #89, #90
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Issue #82, Issue #85, Issue #86
Fixes #81
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Add cast to Displayer to JHOVE2CommandLine;add accessor for ModuleIds to AbstractSource for use in unit tests; remove single-arg (format) constructor from SGML module; update env.cmd and to add jar for berkeley DB to classpath; test for non-specific mulde in SourceAccessor Tes
Add transforms
Merge config files
Finish Synch with local BerkeleyDB fork: fixes #27
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changes to make default source byte order big endian; change test accordingly
fixes #72
invocation of parseNormFile was passing null instead of sgm module instance

fixes #71

Synch with main fork after 12.03.2010 code release
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fixes #23

Added new error message to Source whenver the ParseError list is null and size > 0 (this is where ANTLR puts any error messages about failures in the grammar handling the file); and changed Validity to Undetermined whenever that occurs;

Rewrote all 3 grammars; updated OpenSpMessageParserTest

fixes #23
commit missing NoSuchShellEnvException
Fixes #61, Fixes #62
Fixes #60
Display wrapped product for DROID
Fixes #51
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