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rnanders@507d08b6-3e80-4f80-935c-3d33354f88f8 in JHove2-IIPC

Changed the logic for reporting validity to make it more robust. Report validity "undeterminded" if validation is disabled by SAX feature settings, or if external entities cannot be resolved.
Added a sample XML file containing schema references, a set of schema xsd files, and a class for testing the use of XML Catalog
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Checking in additional test files and JUnit tests for XML module.
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Added sample XML files and JUnit test class for XML Module
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Moved some parse code into SaxParser module for better cohesion. Added Message properties to hold messages from SAX parse exceptions. Eliminated crash if external entity file cannot be found.
Changed scope from singleton to prototype for SaxParser class.
Fixed nullPointerException that occurs in special case when SAX parser fails to trigger the handlers that normally extract XML Declaration information.
For XML Module: Added support for XML Catalogs, fixed issues with entity declaration reporting, made capture of comment text optional. Note that pom.xml was updated with the xml-resolver dependency.
Moving droid config files
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Changes to reporting of XML comments, root element, and numeric character references
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Updated reporting of namespace information, including prefix declarations and schema locations.
Added parse of actual XML Declaration. Revised compartmentalization of NCR parse function.
Revised numeric character reference reporting in XML module. Now normalize code points and present in ascending order using standard Unicode representations
Added a parse of the source input (using pattern matching) to generate an inventory of all numeric character references in the XML document
Added a new Comments class to allow reporting of both the comment text and the total number of comments found.
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Modified reporting of XML entity references, so that the name

of each entity is presented once, along with a count of how many

occurrences there are of the reference.

Use data from Spring config files to generate maps previously derived from
Commented out a debug print statement
Use data from Spring config files to generate maps previously derived from and
Removed leading space in identifier string constants beginning with (introduced by previous commit)
Removed leading space in identifier string constants beginning with (introduced by previous commit)
changing the identifier naming scheme from info:jhove2 to
Updated Javadoc and completed implementation of SAX2 extension handlers
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Isolate SaxParser creation and customization in a separate class. Use Spring to create class and set SAX features. Add reporting of feature settings.
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Capturing Notations and Unparsed Entities in XML Module
Added Capture of Namespace information to Xml Module
Added capture of XML Processing Instructions. Renamed several classes so that display of output looks more readable.
Moved assignment of the SAX2 parser to the Spring config file. If not explicitly specified, then use the default behavior of the XMLReaderFactory.createXMLReader() method.
changed artifactId from displayexperimentjhove2 to jhove2