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Add some documentation to Harveststatus-running.jsp page

Supplement the fix for NAS-2409 - close down the harvesterController at once when it is started instead of after a single harvest

Moved Running Job Details back to visible.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

Work on NAS-2614

Add tool for testing new regexp - NAS-2690

Upgraded logback

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

Upgraded logback dependency

NAS-2688 - skip empty lines in the inputfile

Added patch for NAS-2690 /NARK-1212

Remove duplicate code in HarvestChannels class

Merge pull request #67 from netarchivesuite/NAS-2676

Added fix for NAS-2676 - corrected the metadata file pattern

Fix to NAS-2693. Tested in a running OpenWayback.

Merge pull request #65 from netarchivesuite/NAS-2677

Nas 2677

Fixed NAS-2686 (postprocessing fix) in master branch

Fixed NAS-2687 (indexing fix) in master bracnch

Fixed NAS-2579 (TLD spam) in master branch

trim domainname before validate

Merge branch 'NAS-2463-crawl-log-filter'

NAS-2463: Fix of unit test

NAS-2463: Fix of closed stream

NAS-2463: Fix of test to work with the Stream

NAS-2463: For scalability, code now uses Stream instead of array to process the crawled URLs.

NAS-2463: Cleanup of unused code, commented-out code plus documentation

Handling invalid domain input from user

Handling invalid domain input from user

Fix of null-pointer exception in case of no running jobs